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Increase  BIM  efficiency  withX-RAY for Revit


X-RAY Overview

The X-RAY Material Extraction Addin works inside Revit to allow Key Measurements to be extracted from the Revit model ready for input into BIM Pipeline.

The Pipeline X-RAY Add-In is a rules based key measure take-off tool designed to create consistent quantity information from project to project. While segmenting quantities within Design Options, X-RAY can publish all project materials directly to Pipeline for integrations with various back office systems or to Excel with the push of a button. Rule statements are extremely flexible and can simplify results that would otherwise be complex using Revit scheduling capability.

The Pipeline X-RAY Add-In comes with:

  • Sample rules database that works in conjunction with the residential startup kit templates & sample projects.
  • Help Documentation
  • *Bonus* Door Swing tracking capability