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We believe technology should work for you, not the other way around. We also believe that BIM technology should enhance an individual’s role, not diminish it. We’ve customized our technology solutions to meet the specific needs of the residential building industry saving you from wasting time and money on generic solutions built for a broader audience. And we don’t work alone, we’ve established key technology partnerships that offer you a more streamlined workflow. Just like all our services, you can add technology solutions at your own pace. Allowing you to truly do more with less by bridging gaps between sales, design, estimation, and purchasing.


  • BIM Pipeline

    Reduce cycle times by bridging the gap between design and estimation. Quickly and accurately forecast true construction costs. Inform homeowners at the sales level how much options will cost. Better manage options, communities, houses, and jobs. Reduce the time and effort needed to start leveraging the benefits of BIM. BIM Pipeline was built from the ground up specifically to help a home builder put its BIM data to use. Built utilizing the latest technology, Pipeline is a web based, rules driven material management and estimating system that utilizes BIM data to directly drive detailed take-offs. With 3 phased implementation options, Pipeline will meet the needs of any home builder, custom, production, BIM, or non-BIM. More info

  • eHome
    Flex Floor Plans

    Attract and engage potential home buyers online. Speed up the job start process. The majority of buyers in today’s markets are visiting the Web to better educate themselves on their home buying options. eHome enhances your online presence by allowing potential home buyers to experience your products through an interactive online tool. Home buyers can choose different interior and exterior options creating the spark required to pull those e-leads into a face-to-face meeting with your sales staff.    More info

  • Quickstart
    for Revit

    The CG Visions’ Quickstart Residential Startup Kit for Revit was created specifically for home builders to achieve the efficiency and productivity anticipated from their investment in BIM. The CG Visions’ Quickstart Residential Startup Kit for Revit was created specifically for home builders of North America who are either new to Revit or have used Revit for some time yet still struggle to achieve the efficiency and productivity anticipated from their investment in BIM. The content supplied within the Startup Kit should allow a home builder (big or small, production or custom) to hit the ground running with minimal upfront customization time to create a proper construction document set while further leveraging the information to enhance an estimation workflow. This is not a one size fits all package, but is meant to be a stepping stone for developing sound habits and workflows while refining the tools to best reflect your company’s specific brand and business requirements. More info

  • X-Ray
    for Revit

    The X-RAY Material Extraction Addin works inside Revit to allow Key Measurements to be extracted from the Revit model ready for input into BIM Pipeline. The Pipeline X-RAY Add-In is a rules based key measure take-off tool designed to create consistent quantity information from project to project. While segmenting quantities within Design Options, X-RAY can publish all project materials directly to Pipeline for integrations with various back office systems or to Excel with the push of a button. Rule statements are extremely flexible and can simplify results that would otherwise be complex using Revit scheduling capability. More info


  • The main advantages in using CG Visions services is the floors lining up, increased construction accuracy and hands down the client 3-d walkthrough.
    -Justin, Custom Home Builder

  • As a CAD services integrator for Winchester Homes, CG Visions has been a really fantastic partner. Every member of the CG Visions team is a great listener, and we have used their technological and human resources to lower our cost of operations. We actually don’t even think of them as a traditional vendor but more as a core partner in our operations.
    -Alan Shapiro, President, Winchester Homes

  • We have entered into another project with CG Visions and to my amazement they delivered once again on time all at a significant savings over the competition and in a very professional friendly manner. The Phrase "Do what you say and say what you will do" pretty much sums them up.
    -Doug Beckner, Westport Homes Inc.

  • The eHome interface is very intuitive to interact with allowing it to function as another sales agent by "hooking interest" during high traffic periods.
    -Richard M. Mountjoy, Camberley Homes

  • CG Visions is a pretty organized, well ran company who is easy to work with.
    -Justin, Custom Home Builder

  • Using Vertex BD, CG Visions also set up a 3D visualization and fly-through capability that makes for dramatic sales presentations – owners can virtually walk through their homes – to say nothing of how it helps our subs and suppliers visualize what they bidding on and building.
    -Alan Shapiro, President, Winchester Homes

  • We were surprised by the accessibility, quick turnarounds and good service since CG Visions is a lot further away than our previous local designer.
    -Justin, Custom Home Builder

  • From a material standpoint, I would say our board counts are probably the most advantageous aspect in cost savings we have.
    -Justin, Custom Home Builder

  • The website is better than we could have expected and is getting very positive feedback from current and potential customers... We couldn't be happier!
    -Grant Giese, Green Goose Homes

  • With our old CAD system, it used to take 200+ days to develop a new product, but now with CG Visions support of the Vertex platform, our design and start processes take, max, 16 weeks.
    -Alan Shapiro, President, Winchester Homes

  • I want to let you know how much we and HomeAid appreciate your help in making the Project Playhouse event a success!
    -Joe Daniels, Dovetail Homes

  • eHome helps to build rapport, legitimacy, and confidence with the client all the while helping to convey the Camberley Homes message.
    -Richard M. Mountjoy, Camberley Homes

  • Average of 50% reduction in overall cycle time to market...
    -Jim Pohlhaus, Winchester Homes

  • The 3D pdf tool has been extremely helpful in conveying to clients high impact line-of-sight areas without incurring the cost of building a physical model. The foyer with curved stairs and the 1/2 walls with columns & arched cased opening between the kitchen and family room were both especially confusing to the client in only the 2d format. Once the client saw these areas in 3d, the design intent was immediately understood.
    -Richard M. Mountjoy, Camberley Homes

  • With CG Visions help…we were able to set up a hosted plan-set document repository. Now nearly all our trade partners are accessing single-version-of-the-truth plan document sets. We rarely print anything off, except for county and code approval.
    -Alan Shapiro, President, Winchester Homes

  • We have a much higher level of quality and response time to our requests to produce final marketing art work for our new products.
    -Jim Pohlhaus, Winchester Homes

  • We were in the process of reworking our old Website with another company who basically was not getting the job done. When we came across CG Visions we were behind schedule and in our first meeting with them we both decided to start over, they made it sound as if it would only take them 2 months and that it would be a smooth process (I was skeptical needless to say) during the process we made changes that we were not even aware could be done and to my surprise at the end of the 2 months they delivered.
    -Doug Beckner, Westport Homes Inc.

  • The images look great! Amazing stuff. Thanks for the first-class product, and the quick service.
    -Michael E. Seeley, THP Limited, Inc

  • Vicki and I have now settled in comfortably in our new home in The Orchard, and enjoying it immensely! We love our floor plan, the location, the lot and surrounding nature, and virtually everything!... Many have remarked at how more realistic it was to see a project in 3-D opposed to a paper blueprint.
    -Larry Nees, Homeowner

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