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Residential Plan Serviceswith BIM

CG VisionsBenefits

  • Economical
    • Save on the additional overhead that comes with more staff and new technology.
    • Validate constructability at the design stage and reduce expensive delays and field changes that could compromise structural integrity.
    • Reduce your timeline to begin construction with our expedited design process.
    • Identify potential cost savings with accurate material quantity takeoffs.
    • Hundreds to thousands of preprogrammed structural options coming together in a matter of minutes.
  • Knowledgeable
    • We've been designing with BIM for residential builders since 2001.
    • With clients all over the country, we can design for the way you build.
    • We are experts in multiple BIM design software applications, methods, and best practices.
  • Comprehensive
    • Increase customer confidence with our Customer Design Experience.
    • Gain better coordination with your trade partners and improve internal collaboration.
    • Bring it all together with integrated marketing solutions and back office system integrations.

CG Visions serves residential builders of all sizes, but no matter the size our process is consistent.

Whether we are turning your idea into a buildable custom design, converting production home plans from 2D to 3D, helping your design team with an influx of new work, managing and designing your job starts, or designing a master plan development, our team of residential BIM specialists are committed to providing better solutions with integrity, enthusiasm, and a commitment to service.

We design for the way you build and provide services in a variety of industry leading software applications. When you bring your designs to CG Visions, we will help craft them into a true 3D world allowing your ideas to become reality.

  • Determine the needs and goals of the builder.
  • Recommend and implement appropriate solutions.

2D ConceptualPlans

Every design starts with an idea. CG Visions’ team of residential BIM specialists works with builders to turn 2D conceptual ideas or plans into a 3D buildable design.

  • Very cost competitive compared to traditional drafting rates
  • Validate the constructability of the design at early stages to avoid costly construction delays
  • Clearly communicate the design intent to 80% of the population who cannot accurately translate 2d design into 3d space.
  • Create a unique competitive advantage which your customers will talk about.

3D PlanInput

Every design starts with an idea. CG Visions’ team of residential BIM specialists works with builders to turn 2D conceptual ideas or plans into a 3D buildable design.

The richness of the data put into the BIM model varies depending on the goals of the builder. By customizing the BIM software environment we can ensure consistency across plans and expedite the design process. In addition, all of our BIM models are enabled for BIM Pipeline integration, allowing builders to gain more from BIM as a process.

Production Builders

Phase 1 - Base Plans. After we’ve gathered information and customized software, we get started converting a minimum of 25% of your base plan product library.

Phase 2 - Master Models. Master models and a strategy for managing the complexity of options and upgrades is established.

Phase 3 - Production. The step to full production can happen two ways. Either CG Visions will train your team on job starts or CG Visions team can run and maintain your job starts.


Phase 1 - Customer Design Experience. Builders and homeowners meet with our custom residential BIM specialist to define and refine their dream home. Complex and critical design changes can be made in front of the homeowners.

Phase 2 - Virtual Walkthrough. The ability to visually see the final product allows buyers to evaluate their choices before making a firm decision.

Phase 3 - Deliverables. Using predefined key measures in the BIM model, builders will receive an accurate material list and construction document sets.


  • Construction Document Sets.
  • Virtual Option Management.
  • Back Office System Integrations.
  • Framing and Panelization.
  • Marketing and Media Support.

Make informed decisions more quickly by generating an accurate material report in a matter of minutes from your set of accurate working drawings.

An accurate and clean set of prints increases collaboration and coordination between everyone involved in the building process. The BIM process allows our residential specialists to overlay all of the details needed for construction in one place. This practice of clash detection ensures that the components of the construction document sets are in sync with one another. In addition, by associating intelligent properties to all components of the model, material reports provide accurate data for unit costing, bidding, purchasing, and labor calculation.

  • Architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing detail sheets
  • Live elevations, perspectives, and sections
  • Lot specific bill of materials (BOM)

Hundreds to thousands of preprogrammed structural options coming together in a matter of minutes.

By leveraging intelligent BIM data in conjunction with an option management methodology, CG Visions aids builders in managing the complexity of options and upgrades. We have a proven track record of coordinating the increase in possible option combinations as structural and upgrade options are added to a plan. Using the “As Built” documentation sets will have you on your way to faster permit approval.

  • Structural options
    Establishment of an option structure which supports plan maintenance, pricing methods, sales, and ideal market variety.
  • Master Sets
    Development of Master Sets, Bid Sets, Trade Specific CDs, and Approval Sets which show the combinations of available options, and establishing procedures to easily maintain these sets as plans evolve.
  • Lot Specifics
    Generation of “As Built” or “Lot Specific” Sets to clarify exactly what is to be built on a specific site.
  • +/- BOM
    Aid in the Option Costing process by understanding differential material reports derived from base and option combinations.

Reduce workloads and timelines, and increase efficiencies with true system integration.

True system integration removes the need for the user to translate information between systems and utilizes technology to transfer and translate data in an almost seamless way. For seamless integration and maximum benefit of the BIM data, our BIM Pipeline product offers push button integration with BuilderMT’s WMS, linking design, sales, estimation, and purchasing. Simple import/export integration is also available between the BIM model, Excel, XML, and other back office technologies.

  • BuilderMT WMS
  • Excel
  • XML
  • Other (contact us for more details)

Eliminate expensive delays and field changes by verifying proper alignment, checking for interferences, and addressing installation concerns ahead of time with virtual framing.

More often than not, interferences occur in the field causing expensive delays and field changes which may compromise the structural integrity of the completed structure. Software parameters can be defined for virtual framing to your exact building standards. This will result in an accurate Bill of Materials (BOM) matching exactly how the field crews are framing your plans. If your company prefabricates walls or floor systems, CG Visions can provide shop documentation or data outputs to feed to automated machinery.

  • Shop Drawings
  • Panel Layouts
  • Cut Lists
  • Lumber Drops
  • Sheathing Placement
  • Panel Stacking
  • Panel Weight Calculations

Let your home designs speak for themselves. Generate leads, increase sales, and improve the home buying experience.

  • Online Interactive Flex Floor Plans
    • Allows potential home buyers to configure different design scenarios.
    • Allows potential home buyers to explore a planned community.
    • Generates custom printable brochures.
  • 3D PDF
    • Utilize for pre-construction virtual tours.
    • Use as a mark-up and communication tool to increase collaboration between pre-construction teams.
    • Easily shared by homebuyers with friends and family.