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BIM PipelineBenefits

  • Economical
    • Link design to estimating for accurate automated takeoffs
    • Scale operations without adding staff
    • Increase net margins
    • Leverage the known costs of a production builder, while allowing for customer specific changes to be made…and stay profitable
  • Knowledgeable
    • Powerful rules based estimating
    • Job estimates provided "as built"
    • On-the-fly Delta +/- estimates for model/options
    • Known custom changes added to budget
  • Comprehensive
    • Progressively or promptly move into BIM technology at your own pace with a flexible 3 phased implementation approach.
    • Better manage options, communities, houses, and jobs.

Builders now have a solution which efficiently and accurately bridges the historical gap between design and estimation, thus reducing cycle times.

BIM Pipeline is a web based, rules driven material management and estimation system that utilizes BIM data to directly drive detailed take-offs.

This enables builders to leverage BIM data to create full master plan estimates with delta BOM reports for options, lot specific as built reports to directly cut purchase orders and even capture customer specific changes to track client customizations, all independent of the source of the BIM data.

BIM PipelineFeatures

Are you at the mercy of your trades for accurate material takeoffs? Are you drowning in the total combined number of option permutations? Are you able to quickly understand your construction costs?

BIM Pipeline was built from the ground up specifically to help home builders with these types of situations. The module based design allows builders to choose the features that meet their current goals and allows them to build upon one another for added benefits.

With Pipeline's Builder Module at the root of it all, you can manage all the relevant assets of a home builder and control exactly what’s getting built.

  • Houses
  • Communities
  • Lots
  • Options
  • Jobs

These are just a few of the many assets capable of management. The builder module is also used to power our eHome solution.

With Cloud Estimation you can bring it all together by taking the BIM direct data to a full bill of materials.

  • BOM Reports
  • Products
  • Subcomponents
  • Spec Sets

Easily manipulate calculations and selections without going back to the BIM. Plus, you can be on your way to truly forecasting your homes prior to building with a house specific BOM.

With the Costing Module you can prevent redundant tasks by using a complete BOM to align with various vendor's costs and establish a true cost to construct.

  • Unit Costs
  • Bid Costs
  • Estimates

Compare the cost to construct across various communities based upon preferred vendors. Plus, understand comprehensive costs from area costs such as permit fees & detailed units.

Builders who haven’t yet implemented a BIM process can still take advantage of our cloud estimation and costing modules. See implementation for more details.

Back OfficeIntegration

For the ultimate back office integration, BIM Pipeline links design, sales, estimation, and purchasing.

First it consumes and refines BIM data directly from multiple BIM applications, such as AutoCAD Architecture, Revit, Vertex BD, and VisionRez. Then it offers a direct link to your back office system. It also outputs to Excel or standardized XML for integration with other back office systems.

BIM PipelineImplementation

  • Proof of Concept Beta Project Whether you are utilizing a BIM process or not, lets create a proof of concept project with you and your team that will also be used during training.
  • Choose your implementation approach We understand that not every builder is ready to jump right into a BIM process, that’s why we’ve made it easier to reap the benefits of Pipeline. Progress as you choose through each phase as Pipeline’s benefits are realized.
    • Static Assembly Setup (non-BIM)Start by converting lump sums to detailed items over time.
    • Dynamic Assembly Setup (non-BIM or BIM driven)Reduce the hours needed for a comprehensive BOM by calculating items using dynamic assemblies with key measures.
    • BIM Objects SetupTake full advantage of BIM objects by extracting data directly from the model, linking design to purchasing.
  • CustomizationTo create even greater efficiencies, comprehensive customization of the Pipeline environment is done with builder specific material categories.
  • TrainingUtilizing the proof of concept beta project, we will take your staff through comprehensive training sessions.
  • SupportEven after initial setup and comprehensive training we realize you may still have questions and need assistance. We allocate support for troubleshooting and final setup details while you get things going.

For BIM and Non BIM Users

Whether you are utilizing a BIM process or not, our team will help you reach your goals faster and easier with our integration playbook, which can speed up implementation from 6 months to 2-3 weeks.